Below are several examples of how to integrate technology and writing:

Audio File and Podcasting Ideas:
List generated by participants of the Technology and Integration Workshop on October 10, 2007)


Ideas to Teach Phonemic Awareness

Letters, Sounds, Phonemes, Syllables

You need: Pictures or objects/ chart paper and letter tiles (optional)

Suggestion: Laminate all pictures. Pictures for sorts, clipart pictures or pictures from books. Select about 5-7 sorting categories to start. Pictures can be used for letters (initial, medial and final), sounds (initial, medial and final), phoneme counting, syllable counting.


Differentiated Reading and Writing Instruction

Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated instruction is a practice used by many to make sure students learn. There isn't a single formula for creating a differentiated classroom, but there are key ideas about differentiation that teachers can pay attention to as they plan for student learning. This handout by Carol Tomlinson displays the characteristics of differentiating curriculum, instruction, and assessment.



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