Phonics Ideas

What is it?

Phonics teaches students that letters stand for particular sounds. Students are taught to use these sounds to make words. Systematic and explicit phonics instruction provides instruction in a carefully selected and useful set of letter-sound relationships and then organizes the introduction of these relationships into a logical instructional sequence. It is most effective when introduced early (K or 1). Children need ample opportunities to practice and review the relationships they are learning.

Phonics Resources:


Syllable Patterns-This handout outlines the syllable patterns students will encounter as they decode words.

6 Types of Syllable Patterns - This handout was created by the University of Texas at Austin.

Five "Breaking" Rules for Syllabication - A handout with LMB rules adapted by Nicole Trujillo.

Phonics Websites:

Student Interactive

BBC Words and Pictures - This site works on cvc, consonant clusters,long vowels, high frequency words, and early writing skills.

Gamegoo - A website to practice a variety of early literacy skills in grades K-2.

Starfall- An interactive site for grades K-1.

Adrain Bruce - An interactive site working on all areas of phonics including structural analysis. Appropriate for grades K-3.

Sadlier-Oxford - A website focusing on phonics and word study for grades prek-6.

Teacher Resources

School Bell

Scholastic Phonics - The Phonics Skills Chart is a grade-level guide from preschool through sixth grade that outlines the progression of phonics competencies for the classroom. - Here is a GREAT website for K-1 teachers.

Flyleaf - Decodable text to practice phonetic skills.

Reading A to Z - Downloadable decodable books. (Membership Fee)

Carl's Corner - Great website with a variety of downloadable activities and manipulatives to use for reading and writing.

Phonics Interventions:

6 syllable game-This website explains this game.
ABC arc-Neihaus
Elkonin Boxes