Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness is the ability to distinguish and manipulate the individual speech sounds of our language. This is a critical skill for young children to master in order to become profiient readers. Parents as well as teachers can help their children develop phonemic awareness through numerous fun activities. 

Part I: Literacy Activities Packet 

Part II: How to help Your Child become a Better a Reader


Phonemic Awareness Resources

  • Kansas Parent Information Resource - (Part 1 and Part 2)Two packets of activities that can be utilized to build students phonological awareness skills. These packets were designed for teachers and parents.
  • Florida Center for Reading Research - These K-5 center ideas were created by the Florida Center for Reading Research committee ( to help teachers prepare meaningful and purposeful literacy activities while they work with small groups of children.

Phonemic Awareness Websites

Student Interactive


Teacher Resources

Songs for Teaching






Scientists now know that 95% of all children can be taught to read. One of the most important components of the reading continuum is the ability to hear all the sounds in words. This is known as phonemic awareness. For some children this is innate but for most it must be taught.